Products and applications


A range of menthol based decongestants for application to cosmetic tissues including winter  and summer formulations.


A constantly evolving range of on-trend skin-safe fragrances for a variety of applications. Including scented tissues, room/upholstery sprays and intimate hygiene products. We also develop unique signature scents for brands as part of our Sensory Branding service.


For certain applications, our fragrances and blends are available as un-encapsulated, open compounds. These products offer the same therapeutic qualities as our encapsulates without the added benefits of long life and sustained release .


Effective anti viral/anti bacterial encapsulates for application to cosmetic tissues, paper towels and for use as a long lasting sustained release spray for use in public spaces.


A range of therapeutic encapsulated emollient oils and balms for application to cosmetic tissues and intimate hygiene products. We can combine these encapsulates with our other products for a dual action benefit.