Our technology is a way of holding liquid in tiny airtight 'balloons', which when 'popped', release their contents exactly where and when they are needed. This 'cargo' can be any non-water soluble liquid; a fragrance, an insecticide, or a biocide for example. The capsule wall is made from edible gums and resins and is totally biodegradable. Absolutely tiny, and measuring between just 10 -15 microns the microcapsules are completely invisible to the naked eye.

Suspended in a water-based carrier, the microcapsules can be applied to fabrics, paper, non-woven material, tissue, carpets and other absorbent surfaces, either during the manufacturing process, or as a free spray in a trigger pump. The microcapsules simply get trapped within the fibres of the surface they are applied to.

As they dry they harden, becoming brittle. Then, with the friction of movement (such as the rubbing of a tissue on your nose, or sitting on a cushion for example) the microcapsules 'burst' releasing their contents either into the air or onto the skin. Because there are hundreds of thousands of capsules, the cargo keeps releasing over a sustained period. Depending on the application rate and usage the release timescale can range from many weeks to many months.